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Barry Allen’s gets an upgraded Super Hero suit in THE FLASH!


And Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) gets a upgraded suit for The Flash’s second season.The Flash is debuting a brand-new suit for Barry Allen this season. This time it’s just the way like one of that comic book Superhero loved for over 50 years by many fans!

The Scarlet Speedster got a glimpse of his future self in the season one finale last spring, and it looks like that close encounter inspired him and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) to make a few changes to his red superhero suit for the coming season.

The suit has got a really iconic look with its red and white lightning bolt emblem! A white logo on Barry Allen’s chest is really eye-catching. The suit is more of a vibrant red colour as similar to the suit Barry Allen rocks in the comics. Maybe meeting Jay Garrick (Masters of Sex’s Teddy Sears) the original Flash, will have something to do with the new look?

This new Flash suit comes hot on the heels of Arrow upgrading Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) suit going into season four. Both new superhero suits signal ensures us an exciting season in the days ahead…!

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