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Checkout Gotham Season 2 Teasers!

Gotham Season 2 Teasers are out and they are all about the Villain – Including the Joker! In the first season of Fox’s comic book show the best part was the mysterious way it introduced the Joker or, at least, the person who we assumed would eventually become the Joker. Even when the Gotham boss evaded our question about whether or not Shameless star Cameron Monaghan is actually playing the Joker.

So the main question is why isn’t Gotham leaning in to all the fan hype about the Joker? Two new teasers of Gotham were just released for season two, and we only get a split-second glimpse of Monaghan making his epic return as “Jerome” aka the Joker in the footage. But that’s not it! We Need More!

As seen in the teaser it’s clear from his prison uniform that Jerome is being held in Arkham Asylum for confessing to brutally and ruthlessly murdering his mother in season one, but that’s all we learn about the Joker in the new video. Watch the new teaser.

From the dark tone of the footage, however, it’s clear that we’ll definitely be getting more of him in season two, as “a new era begins,” and the villains rise up to take Gotham. Even Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) knows the direction the city is heading…he’s seen asking the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) for help in the promo!
But that’s not the only new season two teaser Fox released. Press play on the video below now to see Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) finally enter the cave he found in the season one finale…you know, the cave will become his Bat Cave. You hear those bats screeching in the background? Very subtle.

Will Bruce start his training in earnest this season? Will we see a fully-fledged Batman on Gotham sooner than we thought? To know watch the Gotham season 2 which premieres on Monday, Sept. 21 on Fox.


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