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Bigg Boss 9 episode 17: Prince becomes new captain, Rochelle-Kishwer get into a nasty fight!


The atmosphere of Bigg Boss 9 is getting hot day by day! But Day 17 proved to be a lil uninteresting as compared to other episodes so far. In episode 16 we saw Prince Narula and Rochelle Rao going against Kishwer Merchantt, But there is still more..! Episode 17 was yet a lil electrifying! Kishwer and Rochelle had a cat fight over coffee. The interesting part of it all, was Mandana and Kishwer’s BFF behavior in the espisode. Here’s a sneak peek of the incidents that took place on day 17:

Manipulative Mandana

Mandana is playing smart and it’s quite obvious. The beauty has been supporting Suyyash Rai’s  team till now. But she played her bitchy card when during a conversation with Keith Sequeira and Rochelle, she revealed that it didn’t matter to her who won the captaincy, as she considered both Suyyash and Prince as immature. Oh really Mandana? I like how you changed your stance the last minute. Meanwhile Vikas Bhalla and Yuvika Chaudhary were seen discussing about Prince and Suyyash’s fallout. Mandana joined in and told them that she was supporting Suyyash as she wanted patch things up with him and his girlfriend Kishwer. So much love for the couple, eh? Where is it all coming from, dear Ms Karimi?

Rochelle defends Prince

During a conversation with Rochelle, Mandana called Prince fake. Rochelle like a good friend, defended her buddy Prince, stating that he got too close to Kishwer and Suyyash, without getting to know them, so he wasn’t fake as Mandana was claiming him to be. Atta girl! While all this was happening, a confused Vikas Bhalla was seen changing his side every minute and showing support for both Prince and Suyyash. Lol, make a firm decision and stick to it Vikas! Aman on the other hand used Prince as a pawn, for his own mind games. Vikas while talking to the other contestants commented about Aman’s dirty politics and how he should act his age and not resort to such means.

Foes turn friends

Mandana and Kishwer have always been at logger heads since the start. But something truly surprising happened in tonight’s episode when the two foes became friends or rather chaddi buddies in no time. It so happened that Mandana broke down, while talking about her boyfriend and stating how much she missed him. For those unaware, Mandana is in a relationship with an entrepreneur named Gaurav Gupta. Upon seeing Mandana like this, Kishwer consoled her saying that she and the rest are there for her, and she need not cry over her boyfriend. And then the next minute, the two were BFFs and how! It’s strange, especially that coming from Kishwer, who has bitched Mandana out to every possible inmate in the house. Well played, ladies.

Prince becomes the king

The moment of truth finally took place in tonight’s episode where the new captain of the house was declared and it is none other than Prince! He was declared as the winner of the dance task, by Kishwer. Prince became the captain as he was one step ahead of Suyyash. During the downpour that spoilt the game earlier, we exclusively informed our readers that Prince had 5 social media followers over Suyyash who had 4. Say hello to Prince, who is now the king of Bigg Boss 9!

A lot can happen over coffee

As we all know, Kishwer and Rochelle Mario Rao, are not known to share a great bond. The two have in fact had mini tiffs, on and off. But in tonight’s episode, Kishwer was seen testing Rochelle’s patience and the latter LOST it! It so happened, that Kishwer picked up a fight with Rochelle over coffee! Kishwer mispronounced Rochelle’s name which irked the latter further and she lashed out Kishwer for the same. Kishwer also kept taunting Rochelle over the coffee discussion, which pissed  her off to no end. Rochelle was seen having a discussion with boyfriend Keith , telling him that if Kishwer mispronounced her name again, she would not stop herself from being nasty. Rowr!

A big scolding from Bigg Boss

We all know how vocal Bigg Boss is when contestants don’t do their duties and tasks efficiently. BB always makes it a point to call out the guilty and either punish them, or give them an earful. The same happened in tonight’s episode where BB told the inmates that he was extremely disappointed with the luxury budget task.  He told the inmates to buck up! The episode ended with Keith and Rochelle having a discussion about Mandana, and how she was playing clever by bonding with Suyyash and Kishwer, and switching sides as she pleased.

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