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Story of guys looking for fun with girls.

This week film SHAUKEEN KAMINEY is released all over, film is written & produced by Brijesh Pandey with direction of Anil Chaurasiya, its different type of concept seperates it from other films. Story and screenplay is upto mark. among actors Vanshika Gupta has lots of hope in bollywood.

Camerawork and background music could have been better, director Anil Chaourasiya has delivered well, he is a new entrant among talented bollywood directors. Both producer and director are in cameo roles.

Film is based ina imaginary city Nariganj where 3 youngsters are always in look of girls for exploitation, but as the story progresses they face reality and get improved. New talents like Narendra Tiwari, Sahil Garg, Kartik Gaur, Yasmeen Pathan, Vanshika Gupta and Priyanka Singh are upto mark.

Music by Rajeev-Mona & Dharm Devda are melodious, singers are Aman Trikha, Mohammed Irfan, Javed Ali and Indu Pandey. Background music is by Monty Sharma.

Message of film is that one should not take girls for granted, to get Sita for onself he should be Ram.


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