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Movie Review Missing on a weekend


Missing on a weekend Review

Film: Missing On A Weekend

Director: Abhishek Jawkar

Cast: Pavan Malhotra, Karan Hariharan, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Dishank Arora, Mahsah Kooshesh, Shiva Dagar, Akash Bhatija

Rating: ***

Missing On A Weekend is a story of a police inspector Ali Ansari (Pawan Malhotra), who has been assigned to investigate a murder of a young tourist in a Goa resort. Ali and his colleague Ajay (Dishank Arora) find Laksh (Karan Harihran) in an unconscious state and believe that he might have a clue that can help them solve the murder case. Pawan Malhotra gives a striking performance as the Investigating officer and Dishank Arora, the sub investigating officer does complete justice to his character. Dishank adds funny quotient to the film.

Debutant Karan Hariharan stands out among the whole lot of debutants in this movie. He plays a confused young 20- something orphaned-at- childhood, financially challenged go-getter who gets trapped in a situation with his rich friends while vacationing in Goa.

Missing On A Weekend despite of having an interesting plotline and two good actors like Pawan Malhotra and Dishank Arora does not manage to hold attention. The film is badly edited and at times there is no continuity in scenes. The bunch of other young actors try to prove a point but fail due to many loopholes in the film. However it a descent attempt as a first timer and one can definitely see it once.

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