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RUSTOM: Sailing Through A Stretched Court Drama

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Rustom movie review

Yaser Khan

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This year can easily be summed up as the calling of the unsung heroes. There was Neerja, Sarbjit and with ‘Rustom’, director Tinu Suresh Desai revisits the infamous case of Naval Officer Kawas Manekshaw Nanavati. Based on one of India’s most crucial and unique court cases’, ‘Rustom’ is inspired by his personal life turned into public display. A tale of a man’s trial who murders his wife’s lover in a personal attempt to save the pride of the country’s Navy and tries to unwillingly pressurise the court with public sympathy to set himself free.
It was the pre-Indepedence day weekend, without trying to stereotype the releases around this date to be patriotic, it almost seems like Akshay Kumar tried to push the envelope too hard to prove his love for the country in creating expectations among his fans to be presenting a film on ‘patriotism’ and failed! His character claims to have done the right thing but the path he chooses will always be wrong. Rustom being a celebrated Naval Officer is only one of his personality traits, apart from drifting the audiences’ eye towards the uniforms & ships of Navy, the film does nothing for this section of the Military. Hence, the film needn’t be viewed with a notion to invoke the hiding patriot in one’s self. 
Coming back to the story, as much spice it already has for a lonely wife (played by I’lleana D’Cruz) to be cheating on her husband for being away from her for over 6 months, the screenplay tries to add almost meaningless twists which are uncalled for leading to a far stretched saga with yawn worthy moments. Infact, some important elements remain unexplained by the end of the film. 
What’s the good? The exceptional performance delivered by Akshay Kumar as an honest officer, the ear soothing music and songs by the most loved singers of the industry, the lavish and believable costumes and sets of the 60s, the court room comic timing between Anang Desai & Sachin Khedekar, Esha Gupta for her Devil Wears Prada vibes and not to forget, Pavan Malhotra who plays the badass cop with the correct amount of curiosity!
All and all, the film deserves 3 out of 5 stars, one for Akshay Kumar, another for the supporting cast and the last one for the attempt in bringing this story forward, that was otherwise forgotten.
P.S. Infidelity is not the end of a Relationship, nobody is Perfect. Learn to forgive and forget *issued in Public interest*  

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