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Review – Akuri… and a pinch of hope


Indeed the sweetest film, well executed

Life is a roller-coaster ride, with twists and turns and highs and lows.  It depends on every individual how they take life and cope up with the lows. But one of the most affecting factors that has a great impact on an individual is the surrounding and with the surrounding I mean the company a person is with. The more positive people around, the more you stay happy and prosper.

Jamshid Roointon’s short feature, Akuri… And a Pinch of Hope, produced under Axis Jump  Films has been released digitally by Humaramovie, yesterday. The film features Darshan Gokani, Sushant Kandya and acclaimed veteran actor Firdaus Mevawalla.

This is the story of one such experience for Sadiq Sheikh and Cyrus Irani, who are poles apart in their characteristics and how Cyrus’s happy go lucky attitude unknowingly changes Sadiq’s perception towards life. The melodious title song of the movie, ‘Hope Ki Rope,’ has been penned and composed by Shubhankar and has been sung by Shaan.

The film revolves around two main ingredients of life – Happiness and Hope.  In Hindi its said “Umeed pain Duniya Kayaam Hai” which is so true. Because without hope there is no reason to live.  Having a positive person around definitely helps to achieve the goals each time you feel you want to give up…The film is shot in limited locations, like the house, the famous Parsi Irani café and the bus. Despite of just three main characters the filmmaker has so effortlessly put the message across that everything about the film just looks real and one gets engrossed in the conversation between the Sadiq and Cyrus.

This short film is definitely a slap on the faces of the people and filmmakers, in Bollywood who believe that only “Item songs and sex sells.” Akuri…and a pinch of Hope, is an example that Content is the King, in film making.

This is one of the sweetest film we have seen and in the end  all you end up doing is smile and Hope, hope more.

Do watch it here –


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